GIFFYMind, a remake of the MasterMind game revolutionized with animated GIFs, is a single-page web application written with React JS.

At the beginning of each game the computer generates a secret code of four gifs. The gifs are always chosen from the same eight gifs. Duplicates are allowed, so the computer could even choose the same gif four times.
Your objective is to guess the secret code. You will have to guess the gif and put them in the same order as they are in the secret code.
Choose four gifs in the next available row and then click on the Check button. The computer will score your guess in the following way:
- For each guess that is right in both gif and position, you get a green point
- For each guess that is right in gif but not in position, you get a yellow point
- For each guess that is wrong, you get a white point
You have ten chances to make your guesses, if you exhaust all of them without guessing the code, you lose the game.
Good Luck!

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